KI-227 Indicador Adf

Precio OH:
Alimentacion: 14 Vdc

  • Single needle ADF indicator for use with KR-87 ADF receiver, KA-44 or KA-44B ADF antennas
  • Manually rotated compass card (-00 version)
  • Optically coated, non-reflecting glass lens
  • Model available (-01) that takes heading input from KCS-55A Compass System to drive the compass card and display magnetic heading (see table below)
  • Compass card in -01 is synchronized to the KI-525A HSI compass card by rotating SYNC knob
  • TSO'd
Size: 3.26"W x 3.26"H x 2.73"L Weight: 0.7 lbs.
TSO Compliance: TSO C41c Class A, DO-160 Env. Cat A1D1/A/SKP/XXXXXX/ZBABA Humidity: 95% + RH at 50C for 48 hours
ADF Bearing Input: DC sine and cosine voltages, +-3.0VDC max across each winding Power Requirements: Lighting: 14VDC at 0.16A or 28VDC at 0.08A
Power Requirements: Compass Card Drive: 12VDC at 0.12A Compass Card Input: (-01) only) 2 phase digital stepper motor signals from KCS-55/55A Compass System
SEE ALSO KR-87, KA-44, KA-44B

Part Number: ADF Indicator Description:
066-3063-00 With manual heading selector
066-3063-01 With manually synchronized stepper motor drive for heading selector