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Alimentacion: 14 V dc

  • Panel mount ADF receiver with built-in ADF indicator
  • Digitally tuned solid state receiver
  • Tuning speed is typically 0.1 second from time frequency is selected
  • Typically used with KA-42B combined loop/sense antenna for easy 2-piece installation
Size: 6.25"W x 2.60"H x 9.05"L Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Design: All solid state, convection and radiation cooled Applicable Documents: FAA Minimum Operation Characteristics (MOC) RTCA Document DO-137
Frequency Range: 200KHz to 1799KHz in 1 KHz increments Receiver Selectivity: 6dB bandwidth: +-1.0 KHz min ; 55dB bandwidth: +-6 KHz max
Bearing Accuracy: + 3 degrees from 70 uV/m to 0.5 V/m RF input signal level Power Requirements: 13.75 VDC at 0.5 amps (ADF Mode) 0.35 amps (ANT Mode)
Temperature Range: -15 to +55C (continuous) Altitude Range: Up to 30,000 feet
Receiver Senstivity: 100uV/m max for s+n/n = 6dB (ADF mode) Indicator Speed: 6 seconds typical with indicator 175 deg. off bearing and 70 uv/m to 0.5 v/m rf input signal level

Part Number ADF Receiver Description
066-1038-00 Standard unit, see above details