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Reduces pilot workload, while increasing safety and pilot awareness

The Terra by Trimble TDF 100 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) points personal aircraft owners in the right direction.

The TDF 100D system is comprised of three components: the TDF 100D panel-mounted receiver/control unit, the TA 10 combination Sense/Loop antenna, and the TDI 10 ADF indicator.

The compact, power efficient TDF 100D features a brilliant planar gas discharge display which is clearly visible in bright sunlight. Also, as with all Terra by Trimble radios, it has an automatic dimming feature which adjusts for all lighting conditions.

ADF control is accomplished by the multi-function concentric knob. The outer knob is used to select ADF?ANT?BFO?ID modes while the inner knob selects ON?OFF?VOL.

The TDF 100D allows you to tune frequencies from 200 KHz to 1800 KHz in 1Khz increments, utilizing the cursor tuning knob. You can also receive 2182 KHz, the Marine Distress Frequency.

Like other practical Terra by Trimble radios, the TDF 100D displays active and standby frequencies which may be transferred by pushing a single button. The TDF 100D is equipped with a non-volatile memory that stores up to ten frequencies, so reselecting commonly used frequencies is simple.

You will notice the Terra by Trimble Advantage by the small size and weight of the TA 10 ADF antenna. This compact unit contains two loop antennas with a sense antenna and amplifier circuits for each antenna. The antenna may be top or bottom mounted and has provisions for quadrantal error adjustments.

The TDI 10 ADF indicator has a selectable heading knob which allows you to position the compass card. The ADF needle is driven by a stepper motor which provides the most reliable and accurate needle indication.

Like all Terra by Trimble radios, the TDF 100d control unit comes in a rugged stainless steel tray, in either a single or dual-mount chassis that mounts into a standard 3" ATI cutout.

For an ADF that is small in size but big in features, the Terra TDF 100D is the only way to go.