KMA-24 Audio Panel

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Alimentacion: 14 o 28Vdc

  • Compact, fully solid-state unit containing pushbutton audio selector panel, speaker and headphone isoaltion amplifiers, and a marker beacon receiver
  • Styled to match with the other King Silver Crown units but can be integrated into any 500 ohm output audio system
  • Can handle as many three transceivers and six receivers
  • Models with different features and combinations of marker light presentation, AUTO, 2 COMMs, 2 NAVs, DME, ADF, HF, TEL selections (see table below)
  • Has two unswitched inputs for use as altimeter warning and telephone ringer
  • Has outputs for ramp hailer and passenger address or intercom
  • Seperate isolation amplifiers are provided for headphones and speaker to provide isolation even when the same source is selected
  • Three isolated 16 ohm resistors provided for transceiver speaker output loads
  • Automatic dimmimg for marker beacon lights
  • 14V or 28VDC operation
  • TSO'd
Size: 6.25"W x 1.3"H x 6.81"L Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Design: All solid state Frequency (marker): Crystal-controlled at 75MHz
TSO Compliance (marker): TSO C35d, Class A, Env. Cat. /A1D1/A/PKS/XXXXXXZBAAA TSO Compliance (audio amp): TSO C50b, Env. Cat. /A1D1/A/PKS/XXXXXXZBAAA
Applicable Documents: RTCA DO-143, DO-78A, DO-160 Duty Cycle: Continuous
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Sensitivity (marker): LO 1000uv hard, HI 200uv hard
Selectivity (marker): 6db at +-10KHz min, 40db at +-200KHz max Input Impedence (marker): 50 ohm
Output (marker): Capable of 4 milliwatts into isolation amplifier input of 500 ohms Ext Lamp Output (marker): 125mA max each bulb
Input Impedence (iso amp): 500 ohms Input Isolation (iso amp): 40dB between inputs
Input Muting (iso amp): At least 55dB when mic is keyed Headphone Output: 50 milliwatts into 500 ohm load
Distortion: Less than 5% at rated output Frequency Response: Within 6dB from 350Hz to 6000Hz

Part Number Audio Panel/Marker Receiver Description
066-1055-00 Selections for: HF/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF1/ADF2
066-1055-01 Selections for: TEL/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF1/ADF2
066-1055-02 Selections for: HF/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF/AUTO
066-1055-03 Selections for: TEL/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF/AUTO