UPS Aviation Technologies SL-10MS Panel Selector Audio con Marker Beacon y Hi-Fi Stereo

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The Apollo SL10MS Audio Selector Panel - powerful, packed with features and surprisingly affordable. The Apollo SL10MS will allow you to upgrade all your comm functions, both inside and outside the aircraft. Each SL10MS can be connected to as many as 3 transceivers and 6 receivers. The intuitive front panel controls let pilot and co-pilot quickly and easily switch between Comm 1 and Comm 2, while selecting any or all receivers. Simultaneous Comm mode lets the pilot talk on Comm 1, while the co-pilot uses Comm 2.
The SL10MS's voice-activated intercom with pilot, co-pilot and passenger channels offers the utmost in performance and flexibility. Front panel controls are backlit with an automatic dimming control circuit (or control the brightness manually through the panel dimming control).

The Apollo SL10MS features:

Stereo models feature "soft mute" which automatically mutes the entertainment audio to background level whenever the intercom or comm transceiver becomes active. All four models are TSO approved.