Telex Airman ANR 500

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FAA TSO Approved Lightweight ANR Performance

Our newest lightweight ANR headset, which replaces our popular Airman ANR and Airman ANR 200 series, has everything you've asked for, including a great price. The FAA TSO Approved Airman ANR 500, which is made in the USA at our factory in Glencoe, MN, features an all new design, and includes volume control and a panel power option!

Designed for comfort and durability with stainless steel at the stress points, this well balanced headset evenly distributes weight on head without pressure points, and weighs in at just 7 oz (198 g)! The headset provides excellent active noise reduction below 1000 Hz. Foam-filled moleskin ear cushions are standard. An electret, noise cancelling microphone is mounted on a flex boom, adjustable for left or right side operation. The battery module includes the controls for power, volume, and stereo/mono operation, as well as a low battery indicator and a metal clothing clip. The battery pack accepts one 9v alkaline battery (supplied) for 50 hours typical flying time. Panel power is available as an option. The headset also comes with a flight bag for easy portability and storage.
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Airman ANR 500 Battery Power
Airman ANR 500 Panel Power
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