H10-13.4 Headset

Precio H10-13.4:
Precio H10-13S Stereo:
Precio H10-13H Helicoptero:
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The H10-13 series is available in four configurations:

The H10-13.4 (NSN 5965-01-446-1530) (parts list)
The standard mono model with a five foot straight cord and dual plugs for fixed wing aircraft.
The H10-13 S (NSN 5965-01-447-6273) (parts list)
A stereo version of the H10-13.4, also with a straight cord and dual plugs.
The H10-13 H (NSN 5965-01-446-1533) (parts list)
The H10-13.4 for helicopter pilots. This model has a coiled cord and a single plug. NSN 5965-01-446-1533
The H10-13 Y (parts list)
A model for younger pilots. This small version of the H10-13.4 is upgradeable to the full sized version when needed.
Frequency (Hz)1252505001000 20003150400063008000
Attenuation (dB)16.620.727.433.0 30.536.238.136.636.6
Standard Deviation2.