HMEC 300

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Experience excellent noise attenuation over the entire frequency range. The new HMEC300 NoiseGuard ensures superior speech intelligibility and voice transmission-even in the loudfest of surroundings.
Designed with ease of use and comfort in mind, this lightweight headset is fitted with a volume control for the headphones, flexible boom microphone, collapsible cushioned headband, mono/stereo switch and the on/off switch for the NoiseGuard circuitry.

  Specifications Headphones:
dynamic, closed, circumaural
 Frequency Response:
 Impedence (active and passive):
160/150 ohms mono, 320/300 ohms
per channel, stereo
 Attenuation (active and passive):
 Caliper Pressure:
approx 10N
 Max SPL:
118dB linear
 Specification Microphone with Preamplifier:
electret, noise-compensated
 Frequency Response:
 Max. SPL:
120dB (distortion < 5%)
 Output Voltage:
400mV +/- 3dB at 114dB / SPL
(as per RTCA/DO-214)
 Min. Terminating Impedence:
150 ohms
 Operating Voltage:
typ. 16VDC (8-16 VDC, 8-25 mA)
as per RTCA/DO-214
 Specifications General
 Part Number:
 Connection Cable:
single sided round cable, length 1.5m
 Weight Without Cable:
headphones: 1/4" stereo jack, microphone: PJ-068, XLR-3 for NoiseGuard supply
headphone volume control, mono/stereo switch, on/off switch for NoiseGuard
 Operating Temperature:
-15 to +55C
 Storage Temperature:
-55 to +55C
 NoiseGuard Supply:
12-35 VDC