Pilot PA17-76 Freedom

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The newly designed Freedom DNC headset is revolutionary in design and function. This headset is the result of hundreds of interviews with pilots, motorsport and industrial users around the world who have asked us to build an Active Noise Reduvtion headset. They wanted a headset which protects their hearing but does not encumber them with extra weight, excess wires, cords, battery packs, or costly custom installations. The new PA17-76 gives users that freedom.
Enhanced Voice Intelligebility (EVI)
The Freedom headset has incorporated into its integrated circuitry a proprietary DSP circuit which enhances all audio within the speech frequencies from an outside communications radio or entertainments system. The result, freedom from noise and garbled radio transmissions.
Rechargeable Battery, Power Jack and Charger
The PA17-76 is totally self contained and requires no external pwer. You have the freedom of not having to choose whether you want a portable or a panel mounted version. The freedom headst works anywhere without special installation. The battery is able to be charged @1000 times or @5000 hours of usage. You'll be free from the exspense of replacement batteries for many years.
Comfort Features

The headset is fitted with an Oregon Aero Sheepskin Soft Top which virtually eliminates all complaints of hot spots caused by non-breathable synthetic headpads used by most manufacturers. The Soft Top combined with the wide single pivot suspension of the head band assures a comfortable fit. The ear seals are extra soft and generously proportioned and fit around the ear to distribute pressure.

Freedom Series Features

Technical Details
 Generating element: Electret condenser
 Polar pattern: Bidirectional
 Frequency response: 150-4000Hz
 Impedance: 50 ohms at 16VDC
 Sensitivity: 100dB @ 1mW input
 Power requirements: 8-16VDC
 Current drain: 8mA at 8VDC
 Weight: 6g
 Mating connector: U-173/U
 Audio speaker impedance: 300 ohms
 Nominal power: 50mW
 Max power: 150mW
 SPL: 102 + 2dB at 1KHz
 Effective range frequency: 200Hz - 20,000Hz
 Effective DNC frequency range: 75Hz - 4000Hz
 Maximum noise reduction: 15-18dB at 150Hz
 Enhanced Voice
Intelligebility (EVI) circuit:
 When DNC is on: 4dB gain at 4000 to 10,000Hz
 Signal noise ratio: Less than 58dB
 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery: 9.6V NIMH 170mA:
 Battery charger: 11,6VDC, 25mA
 Charge time: 8hrs
 Usage time: 10-14hrs continuous usage depending on noise level
 Battery life: 1000 charges or 5000hrs