Pilot PA17-79 Independence

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Designed for the military, the new PA 17-79 DNC XL headset is positioned to be the leading ANR style headset available to the quality conscious consumer. Taking full advantage of close tolerance mil-spec components and by adding more volume inside the ear cup for improved passive passive noise attenuation, the independence provides total noise protection @ 43-47dB (25dB passive and 18-22dB active combined). Fitted with a NIMH rechargeable battery, the self contained Independence can give the user @35-50 hours of use on a full charge. A wall charger with an LED light is supplied with the headset along with a comm cord, conveniently packaged in a custom padded cordura case.
Enhanced Voice Intelligebility (EVI)
The Freedom headset has incorporated into its integrated circuitry a proprietary DSP circuit which enhances all audio within the speech frequencies from an outside communications radio or entertainments system (cassette or CD player). The DSP circuit amplifies the built in speech frequencies by approximately 3-4dB.
Modular Flexible Design
The PA 17-79's modularity includes some unique features. We have designedthe Independence headset to be modular in design with the introducton of a diconnectable comm cord. The detached cord makes the unit "field repairable". Pilots can use the headset without the comm cord when doing their pre flight around the aircraft. Pit crews can use the unit attached ton a two way radio and be in total communication with drivers and spotters while working in the high noise environment of a race track. The detachable comm cord enables the user to use the headset in different applications simply by purchasing the appropriate comm cord. Industrial users can wear a modified version with or without a microphone and protect their hearing as well as have the independence to walk around without worrying about a power source. The user can wear the microphone boom on the right or the left earcup.
Mono/ Stereo Selector Switch, Individual Ear Cup Volume Adjustments
The Mono/ Stereo selector switch with individual right and left ear cup volume adjustment is placed coveniently on the comm cord for aesy access. Each earcup can be adjusted individually in mono or stereo modes. This allows users who may have suffered previous hearing loss in one ear to have perfect audio adjustment

The PA17-79 is totally self contained and requires no external pwer. You have the freedom of not having to choose whether you want a portable or a panel mounted version as with other ANR headsets. A rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NIMH) is mounted inside the ear cup which does not have the comm cord jack. You can top off the battery by recharging at anytime The battery is able to be charged @1000 times before replacement. The internal battery has a duty life of @5000 hours of usage. You'll be free from the exspense of replacement batteries for many years .

Comfort Features
The headset is fitted with an Oregon Aero Sheepskin Soft Top which is attached to the headband with a velcro closure. This headpad virtually eliminates all complaints of hot spots caused by non-breathable synthetic headpads used by most manufacturers. The Soft Top guarantees a comfortable fit.
Rechargeable Battery, Power Jack and Charger
Independence Series Features
Technical Details
 Generating element: Electret condenser Noise Cancelling
 Polar pattern:  Bidirectional
 Frequency response: 150-4000Hz
 Impedance: 50 ohms at 16VDC
 Sensitivity: 100dB @ 1mW input
 Power requirements: 8-16VDC
 Current drain: 8mA at 8VDC
 Weight: 6g
 Mating connector:  U-173/U
 Audio speaker impedance:  300 ohms
 Nominal power:  100mW
 Max power:  300mW
 SPL:  102 + 2dB at 1KHz
 Effective range frequency:  500Hz - 20,000Hz
 Effective DNC frequency range:  63Hz - 800Hz
 Maximum noise reduction: 18-22dB at 125Hz
 Enhanced Voice Intelligebility (EVI) circuit:
 When DNC is on: 4dB gain at 4000 to 10,000Hz
 Signal noise ratio: Less than 58dB
 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery: 9.6V NIMH 170mA:
 Battery charger: 110V input, 10.15 Vdc 80 mAH 220V input, 10.15 Vdc 80 mAH
 Charge time: @ 10-12hrs
 Usage time: 30-50hrs continuous usage depending on noise level
 Battery life: 1000 charges or 5000hrs