Peltor 7104 ANR


Digital signal processor (DSP) -- enhances all speech frequencies from outside communications radio, intercom or entertainment system (cassette or CD player)

  • Active noise reduction (ANR) -- delivers an additional 15-18dB reduction in background noise for clearer transmissions
  • Mono/stereo switch and Dual volume controls -- the switch is conveniently located on the comm-cord for easy access. Individual right and left volume control allows each earcup to be adjusted -- a real plus for pilots with less than perfect hearing
  • A 9-volt battery is the systems power source and it's located in the earcup for easy access. Long life performance
  • Comfortable headband is designed for comfort, the headband adjust easily to the contours of the head
  • Soft, wide ear cushions are proportioned to fit around the ear and distribute pressure evenly for added comfort during extended flying
  • Detachable cord allows for field repair
  • Tamper-proof, gel-coated circuit board