Peltor 8003

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Low-profile and snag-free in the cockpit, the new 8000 series from Peltor provides comfort and safety in a lightweight package.

With patented liquid and foam earseals, a low-profile headpad and independent volume and balance controls, the 8003 provides up to 26dB of noise reduction to increase comfort and reduce fatigue on cross-country trips.

The ambient-noise compensated MT52 dynamic differential microphone offers 4-way adjustment with resistance to stay where you put it. It rotates 180 for left or right position. A special filter eliminates interference from both wind and breath noises.

Weighs only 13 ounces. Stainless sprung headband retains its resiliency and provides an unbeatable distribution of pressure. Even with the low-profile design of the ear cups, there is ample space for the ears. The mic cord is securely encased in the boom to prevent snagging. 1.35 m cable with 1/4" stereo connector and PJ068 mic connector. Collapsible design for easy storage.