Peltor 8103

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The Highly praised 7000 series headset now has a hole group of worthy successors - The 8000 series.

The Aviation 8000 series has a more compact design. No protruding features that can snag on obstacles and affect safety and the cord is securely encased in the microphone arm.

Remarkable Comfort - The broad foam and fluid filled, breathing sealed rings seal effectively, but with minimal pressure distributed over the entire contact surface. The stainless steel sprung headband maintain their resiliency and provide an unbeatable distortion of pressure. Plenty of space for the ears and a low weight!
The Aviation 8000 series - has easily accessible controls with inset volume and balance controls in one. This solution lets you compensate for different noise situations and individual variations, such as poor hearing in one ear.
Positive Communication - Effective noise attenuation through the entire speech frequency area up to 25dB. A special filter eliminates wind and breath noise

 Technical Details:
 Earphones: (HTSU)
Frequency Range: 125 - 8,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Connection parallel:  16 ohms
 Output Level at 5 V l kHz : 89.5 dBa
 Microphone: (MT52)
Frequency Range: 70 - 9,000 Hz ± 6dB
Sensitivity as lip microphone: 4 mV / 220 ohms
Impedance: 230 ohms
Noise Suppression: 12 dB vid 1 kHz
Accessories, Spare parts and Additional equipment:Hygiene kit, Wind protection, Clean single-use protectors, Mic protector, Storage case, Cable holder.