S-68 Headset

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Comfort and great looks all in one package. 14k gold platedhardware and custom matt-finish high performance black earcupswill set you apart from the crowd. And the all-new S-68 seriesheadsets were designed to feel great - even on the longest offlights. At only 11.9 ounces of weight, flying is not only a lotmore fun, but safer. Without nagging "Head-Clamp" pain,you can concentrate better. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Sigtronics difference.

Sigtronics headsets may be ordered with a large or small /child size headband.

True High-Fidelity Stereo. Sigtronics exclusive infinite bafflesystem delivers sound the way you want it. Our stereo speakersare specifically designed to deliver a wider frequency range than mono versions for better quality sound. Sigtronics stereo headsets also offer an integrated stereo/mono switch and dual volume controlsfor the ultimate in quality, comfort and sound reproduction for the discriminating pilot. Stereo headsets are also recommended for those with unequal hearing abilities in each ear.