Softcomm C-90 ANR

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At A&M Avionics, we don't accept every product that comes along--we sell only products that either represent a great value, have a great manufacturer reputation, or offer innovative features that competing products don't have. The new Softcomm C-90 BNE (Background Noise Elimination) headset has all three:

1. It's the least expensive Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset on the market, yet, in our tests, it yielded about the same total noise attenuation and comfort as the David Clark H10-13X series, which sells for twice as much. And, the C90 with ANR is priced even less than a David Clark passive unit: why would you buy a passive headset when you can buy an ANR unit for the same price or less????

2. Softcomm has been making aviation headsets for over 15 years, and their customer service reputation is excellent. (We've never had a Softcomm headset returned because of a quality or performance problem.)

3. The C-90 has an innovative feature the David Clark and other headsets don't offer: an input for common cellular phones! Of course, you can't legally use a cellular phone in flight, but, before you takeoff or as soon as you land, just plug your phone into the C-90 (even while you're still connected to your aircraft's intercom) and start making calls to arrange for ground transportation, file and close flight plans, pick up your clearance at an airport without FSS radio contact, check voice mail, or whatever else you use your cell phone for.


If you're looking for a low-priced, well-built ANR headset, look no further than the Softcomm C-90.

Shipping weight: 4 lbs. (includes shipping insurance)

Head Weight: 22.9 ounces Total Weight: 23.5 ounces
Warranty: 3 Year Unconditional NR Rating: -24 db Passive, -18 db active