Dimensines: 5,7 cm
Alimentacion: 14 V dc

Compact Dual Mode VHF/AM Airband Tranceiver with

8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
Voice processor, identical acoustics
TX-Time-Out, TX-Blocking when receiving
99 memory channels
Integrated intercom provided as standard
Universal Applications:

Fixed base
Main or standby transceiver

NEW The FSG 90 offers all new standards in the round casing


For more than 35 years, DITTEL VHF/AM airband transceivers have been recognised all over the world for high performance and reliability. These outstanding characteristics ensure that the FSG 90 is suitable for even the most demanding applications.
The very small and robust FSG 90 already fulfils all international and German approval requirements for dual mode airborne and ground applications.

The FSG 90 provides maximum flexibility in all areas of application through the optional combination of 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz channel spacing or with 25 kHz mode only.

The additional 8.33 kHz mode can be selected (when internally activated) in the SETUP located on the front panel. For use in countries, which have not (yet) established the 8.33 kHz mode, the FSG 90 can be supplied with the 8.33 kHz channel spacing deactivated, thus utilising only the 25 kHz mode, either with 760 channels or (for public authorities) 1,280 channels.

The 8.33 kHz channel spacing mode can be activated at any time!

A special voice processor ensures perfect audibility in both channel spacing modes.

In each of the two different channel spacing operating groups (combined 8.33 kHz / 25 kHz or 25 kHz only) 99 user-defined memory channels can be freely stored / cancelled.

Channels are identified by two visually different types of designation: by 6 digits (ICAO scheme) in the combined 8.33 kHz/25 kHz spacing; by 5 digits in the 25 kHz spacing system only.

Transmit blocking in receive mode is also included to avoid frequency congestion.

TX blocking can be disabled when required by pressing the SQ button. TX blocking can also be permanently deactivated in the SETUP.

Low power consumption, wide supply voltage range and Auto-Switch-OFF under 9V provide reliable long-term operation, even with battery power supply, as main or standby transceiver in aircraft, also available with emergency battery backup supply (EPU), in balloons, mobile in vehicles, portable and fixed base.
Installation of equipment is simple. The FSG 90 can either be mounted directly into the instrument panel (round 2 /57mm dia. cutout), in 70 PC or 70 PS carrying frame or in other vehicle mounting devices. Switched DC output allows connection of accessories. The front panel is sealed to prevent penetration of sand and splashwater.
Special adapters enable the FSG 40S, FSG 50, FSG 60M, FSG 70 and FSG 71M to be quickly and easily replaced by the FSG 90 in aircraft as well as in PC, PS, PL carrying frames.

Adapters for transceivers from other manufacturers can be supplied upon request.


BAPT approval is required in order to operate an airband transceiver within Germany.

Three display modes are available:

Frequency only
Frequency / memory channel
Frequency / standby frequency change
These features facilitate universal use and ensure easy operation.

Airborne, as main or standby transceiver with intercom
Portable, inserted in small, robust PS or PC carrying frames
Mobile, in vehicle mounting device or direct
Standby, in 19 system
Metal table casing
Fixed base, as standby transceiver optionally with battery operation.
13 SETUP settings on the front panel for the adjustment of Squelch threshold, Mike level, TX sidetone level, RX phone level, Intercom level, 8.33 kHz ON/OFF, AF external ON/ OFF, Memory CH clear, Frequency selection blocking ON/OFF, TX blocking ON/OFF in receive, Service mode ON, Options module, Password.

Transmit symbol and supply voltage are displayed.

The two-line LC frequ