MB-53 Mounting Package - IC-A200M
Sturdy, yet compact metal mounting package for the IC-A200 for use in ground vehicles.  Rugged mounting bracket, SP-5 speaker and EM-91 microphone are included. Harness comes wired for mobile installation. Direct operation from a 12 V DC source gives a full 7 Watt transmitter output. The IC-A200 installed with the MB-53 mounting package is referred to as the IC-A200M.
PS-80 Base Station Power Supply - IC-A200B
PS-80 power supply lets you use the IC-A200 radio as a ground base station. The IC-A200 installed into the PS-80 power supply is referred to as the IC-A200B.

Slide in rack for the IC-A200
Dimensions: 7.9W x 7.9H x 11.8D in, 13.2 lb
Input voltage: 110, 220 or 240 VAC
Choice of available options: hand microphone or desktop microphone
No wiring necessary
5 Watt audio amplifier
Large internal speaker
Supports full 7 Watt output of the IC-A200