KX-125 Nav/Comm

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Dimensiones: 2 inches (h) x 6.25 inches (w) x 10.16 inches (d)
Peso: 3.88 lbs
Alimentacion: 14 V dc

  • Panel mounted Communication Transceiver/ Navigation Receiver with Liquid Crystal Display
  • 760 communications channels from 118.000-136.975MHz in 25kHz increments
  • 200 navigation channels from 108.000-117.95MHz in 50kHz increments
  • VOR/LOC signal converter
  • Provides DME channeling (Bendix/King serial)
  • Provides Glideslope channeling (Bendix/King 4 x 5 code)
  • Provides VOR/LOC Composite Output
  • Built-In LCD Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) with TO/FROM Annunciation
  • Simultaneous digital LCD display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • Radial and Bearing Display
  • COMM Mic Hang-up protection
  • Remote Transfer of use and standby frequencies
  • 14 volt operation only
  • Can be operated on 28V with KA-39 voltage converter
  • 5 watts power output
  • TSO'd
Size: 6.352"W x 2.052"H x 10.380"L Weight: 3.88 lbs.
Applicable Documents (NAV LOC Converter): TSO C36e, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-178A, RTCA DO-195 Applicable Documents (COMM Transmitter): TSO C37c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-186
Applicable Documents (COMM Receiver): TSO C38c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-186 Applicable Documents (NAV VOR): TSO C40c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA-178A, RTCA DO-196
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Altitude Range: Up to 50,000 ft.
Power Output: 5 watts minimum Frequency Tolerance: Within 0.002% of assigned channel frequency
Modulation: 70% modulation capability with 98% limiting. Less than 15% distortion at 70% modulation Sidetone Output: Adjustable up to 100 mW into 500ohm headphones
Harmonic Content: Greater than 60 dB down from carrier Duty Cycle: 10% (0.5 minute on, 4.5 minutes off)
COMM Receiver Sensitivity: Two uv (hard) or less for 6 dB (S+N)/N with 1 kHz tone modulated 30% Squelch: Automatic with manual disable
Frequency Tolerance (NAV): +-0.002% of assigned channel frequency and still meets bearing accuracy VOR/LOC Sensitivity Falg sensitivity 2 uv (hard) or less on all channels
Receiver Selectivity (NAV): 6dB at 34.0kHz minimum; 60dB at 63.0kHz maximum VOR Course Accuracy Two sigma limit 3 deg. as specified in RTCA DO-196
LOC Centering Error: Two sigma limit +-9.9 uA as specified in RTCA DO-195 Audio Output (NAV) 100 mW into 500ohm minimum a 1 kHz tone modulated 30%
Audio Response (NAV): Less than 6 dB variation from 350-2500Hz DME Channeling: Serial DME channeling provided for KN-62/62A/63/64. Slip code and 2x5 DME channeling avialable using a KA-120 adapter
GS Channeling: Bendix/King 4x5 code provided for KN-73/75, KI-211/212/213/214, other GS channeling available using a KA-120 adapter VOR/LOC Composite Output Adustable 0.35Vrms LOC, 0.5Vrms VOR zero degree phased

Part Number Navigation/Communications Transceiver Description
069-01028-0101 14V, LCD display w/ CDI, 200/760 ch. NAV/COMM, TSO'd, 5 watts