KY-196B Comm

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Alimentacion: 28 V dc

  • Panel mounted VHF Communications Transceiver
  • Operates frequencies from 118.00 to 136.975 MHz with 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Flip-flop frequency switch to transfer between active and standby frequencies
  • Remote transfer capability of remote transfer of Use and Stanby frequencies and remote recall of channel frequency information
  • 9 programmable memory channels in addition to the two displayed frequencies
  • Audio leveling automatically amplifying weak audio signals and muting those which are too strong
  • Stuck microphone feature shuts down transmitter and flashes the display if mike is keyed for more than two minutes
  • "Program Secure" mode locks a specfic frequency into a specific channel number so program cannot be changed from panel
  • 16 watts minimum power output
  • 28 volt operation only
  • TSO'd
Size: 6.312"W x 1.35"H x 10.776"L Weight: 2.8 lbs.
TSO Compliance (Transmitter): TSO C37c, Class 3 TSO Compliance (Receiver): C38c, Class A
Power Output: 16 Watts min. Duty Cycle: 1 minute on, 4 minutes off
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Frequency Range: 118.00 to 136.975MHz in 8.33KHz increments
Frequency Stability: 0.0015% from -20 to +55C Sidetone Output: Adjustable up to 100mW into 500 ohm headphones

Part Number VHF Communications Transceiver Description
064-01084-0101 see details above