MicroAir 760 Comm

Dimensiones: 5,7cm
Peso: 400 gr


The Microair 760 was designed for use in aircraft requiring compact size and low power consumption and yet it has many of the features found in radios costing much more plus features not found in competitors products. With a face diameter of 2(57mm) its small size makes it ideal for cramped panel designs and its very short length is especially suitable for aircraft that lack depth behind the panel.

The Microair 760 transceiver is compatible with a variety of microphones and speaker combinations including all general aviation microphones. It has been proven in high noise envoironments such as two and four stroke engined aircraft.

The unique LED multifunction annunciator located at the top right of the transceiver provides the following alerts:

Receive no incoming signal - Squelched with no signal present LED is clear
Receive incoming signal - Squelch broken with signal being received LED is green
Transmitter on - LED is red
Transmitter on longer that 40 seconds - LED blinks RED

The blinking RED LED is designed to advise pilots when they have a stuck microphone.
An external memory toggle switch allows the remote control of twenty five memory frequencies with memory channel 25 dedicated as an emergency frequency and accessible with one press of the button. The Microair 760 Transceiver can be wired to take advantage of an internal side tone intercom with either Press to Talk or hot mic options and an optional pilot priority over-ride. The Pilot Priority over-ride has been specifically designed for instructor/student environments to allow the instructor to over-ride a student's transmission should he be making errors.

The Microair 760 is truly a compact and versatile 760 channel aviation panel mount transceiver proudly made in Queensland, Australia by pilots who know what is important to pilots. Microair is dedicated to providing world class quality products and support at affordable prices.

Quote from Mr. Doug Sprigg of Arkaroola Pty. Ltd.

What I was not prepared for was the outstanding performance of this set .....

The Microair 760 has consistently given better than 100 nm line of sight range, with much better signal to noise ratio and volume than any radio I have previously used in an Auster. Had I known the side tone and intercom facilities were so good, I may have omitted the Sigtronics SPA 400 intercom.

760 channels (118.0 to 136.975)
Two line display with flip flop frequency selection
25 Pilot programmable memory channels
Priority memory channel for quick access
Low power consumption on receive
Adjustable squelch control
LED readout of transmit/receive status
Stuck mike annunciator
Two place intercom with instructor priority switching
Fits a standard 2(57mm) instrument hole
Pin compatible with Dittell radios
Weighs 14 oz. (400 grams)