Michel MX11

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The MX 11 andMX 12 operate on either 12 or 24 volts, and features a 10 channel memory, "Flip-Flop" capability and 760 comm channels. The MX 11 COMM is designed as a slide-in replacement for the Narco COM 11, COM 11A, COM 11B, COM 111, COM 111B and the COM 120. The unit will replace the COM 10 and COM 110 when the Nav 10 and Nav 110 are not used in the system.The MX 11 includes an install kit and tray.The MX 11R is a direct replacement.The MX 12 replaces the Narco MK-12, MK-12A and the Narco MK-12B.The MX 12GS pigtail for Narco GS