ARC RT 328/328T/328D


An Outstanding primary NAV/COM that satisfies 720 channel communication spacing requirements. But on the 300's, you don't have to turn through 720 numbers. A toggle switch lets you change from 50 kHz spacing to 25 kHz automatically without channneling. Solid state varactor tuning gives you precise frequency selection with fewer moving parts. A MOSFET RF section gives you pure, clear reception.

The NAV receiver also selects the full spectrum of 200 DME channels and 40 glide slope channels. It is independent of the COM receiver, so you may operate the entire unit with no loss os NAV indications during transmissions.

The RT-328D operates with an IN-525A Indicator for full ILS capability providing right reading bearings and recprocals, localizer and glide slope needles with VOR accuracy to +/- 2 degrees, localizer within 4% of full scale.