TX-760D Nav/Comm

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An affordable, high-quality communications transceicer combining clear, reliable communications and advanced features

The Terra by Trimble TX 760D Comm transceiver delivers clear, reliable communications. The TX 760D also offers benefits such as the latest surface mount technology, previously available only in expensive, high-end airline avionics.

Because the TX 760D's digital frequency synthesizer uses only one crystal for stability and drift-free tuning, it is very dfependable. Other high-end features include automatic voice leveling to improve communications clarity and eliminate annoying repeated volume adjustments. The TX 760D also features automatic squelch control with manual override, solid state electronics, and low power requirements.

With the TX 760D's single knob cursor tuning, you can select frequency channel operation from 118.00MHz to 136.95MHz. The TX 760D lets you simultaneously view active and standby frequencies which you can transfer with a push of a button. All of the frequency information is presented on a brilliany planor gas discharge display which is clearly visible, even in bright sunlight. The automaticdiming feature adjusts for all lighting conditions.

The non-volatile memory stores as many as ten frequencies, which allows you to quickly and easily display and select commonly used frequencies. This convienent feature reduces your workload and gives you more time to concentrate on flying.

Another advantage to this practical Comm is an integrated two-place VOX (Voice Activated Intercom). It saves valuable panel space by eliminating the need for separate intercom units. It also eliminates the clutter of wires and cords caused by portable intercoms.

Just like all Terra by Trimble avionics, the TX 760 Dis housed in a rugged stainless steel mounting tray, in either a single or double chassis. You can also purchase an optional chassis that mounts into a standard 3" ATI cutout, making the unit even more versatile.

For pilots looking for an advanced communications transceiver offering the smallest size and the biggest features, the Terra by Trimble TX 760D is the clear choice.