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Alimentacion: 28Vdc

  • Proline II remote-mounted DME transceiver specifically designed for general aviation aircraft
  • Fully solid-state unit
  • Lightweight
  • Measures slant range distance from aircraft to ground station and displays distance in nautical miles on companion IND-42() DME indicator
  • -003 unit can display the distance and other data from any of three channels when used with two CTL-32 Nav controls
  • 300 watts power output
  • Serial data tuning for tuning with Long Range Navigation Systems
TSO: C66b, DO-151A, DO-160A, DO-178 EUROCAE MPS-WG8/1/71; ED-14A; ED-12
DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST FTZ: LB 414/84 ARINC: 410 (tuning); 568-5 (serial output)
Environmental: DO-160A, categories /A2E1/B/JY/EXXXXXZ/BZ/AZZ; EUROCAE ED-14A Dimensions: 3.312"H x 4.875"W x 14.0"L
Weight: 5.4 lbs. Temperature: -55 to 70C (operational)
Altitude: 70000 ft. Channels: 252-VORTAC,DME,TACAN
Analog Data Output: +40 mV/nmi, 256 nmi max Digital Data Ouput: RS-422A serial data bus (dual); contains distance, ground speed, time-to-station, and decoded station ident, and diagnotics; ARINC 568, 32-bit serial distance word
Ground Speed Accuracy: +-1% or +-1 knot, whichever is greater, 999 knots max Time-to-station Accuracy: +-1 min up to max of 120 min
Distance Loading: Max of five standard analog loads at 20 kohm each, or a max effective load of 4 kohm Sensitivity: -85 dBm with station reply eff=70% min
Selectivity: 6 dB max sensitivity variation for input signal within +-150 kHz of assigned frequency Frequency Stability: Less than +-100 kHz deviation from tuned frequency
Power Output: 300 watts minimum Tracking Velocity: 1000 knots maximum
RS-422A (Distance): 100 nmi, if valid RS-422A (GND SPD): 100 knots, if valid
RS-422A (TTS): 60 minutes, if valid RS-422A (Diagnostic): AOK if valid, or fault code if invalid

Part Number DME Transceiver Description:
622-6263-001 see above features, 1 channel tracking
622-6263-003 see above features, strap selected, channel 1,2, or 3 tracking