Precio OH:
Alimentacion: 11 a 33Vdc

Image shown is KN-64 due to similarities in appearance between units.
  • 1.3" high flat-pack, DME unit
  • 200-channel receiver
  • Features simultaneous gas discharge display of distance, groundspeed and time-to-station
  • Can be channeled through almost any NAV receiver or tuned directly with its own frequency selection knobs
  • No remote channeling adapters needed
  • All solid-state transmitter provides 100 watts nominal power output
  • All channeling done electronically using a single crystal digital frequency synthesizer
  • Operates on any DC voltage from 11 to 33 volts without adapters or power converters
  • No external cooling is required since it draws only 15 watts of power
  • Same as KN-62A except KN-62 not TSO'd
Size: 6.312"W x 1.30"H x 12.258"L Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Channeling Sources: Internal; External control head providing BCD code, 2x5 code, slip code, or Bendix/King serial code Output Power: 50 Watts peak, pulsed power minimum; 100 Watts nominal
Maximum Display Range: 389 nautical miles Acquisition Sensitivity: -82 dBm minimum, -87 dBm nominal
Range Accuracy: +-.1 nautical miles or +-14% whichever is greater Groundspeed Accuracy: +-1 knot or +-1%, whichever is greater from 0 to 999 knots
Time-to-Station: +-1 minute from 0 to 99 minutes Search Time: 1.0 second nominal
Memory Time: 11 to 15 seconds Maximum Altitude: 50,000 feet

Part Number Panel Mount DME Transceiver Description
066-1064-00 Black face plate, 14/28 volt, non-TSO'd