EFS 40/50

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EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)

The Bendix/King EHI 40 and EHI 50 provide bright, multi-colored displays driven by dedicated stroke and raster technique for unsurpassed clarity and crispness and have FAA approval for HIRF and lighting.

In 360-degree mode, the EHI 40/50 has four formats: standard HSI compass rose, nav map, nav map with weather and an optional DG-only mode. In ARC mode, display formats include: standard HSI, nav map, nav map with weather and standard HSI with weather.

The EHI 40 consists of the SG 465 symbol generator and the ED 461 or ED 462 display unit. When the ED 462 is used, a CP 468 control panel is required. The ED 461 has a built in mode controller on the bezel.

The EHI 50 consists of the SG 465 symbol generator, the ED 551A display unit and a CP 468.

EHI40 w/ ED 461 and weather radar interface: 15.8lbs/6.63kg   Suggested Retail: $41089

EHI40 w/ ED 462, CP 468 and radar interface: 16.8lbs/7.05kg   Suggested Retail: $44088

EHI50 w/ED 551A, CP 468 and radar interface:19.7lbs/8.26kg  Suggested Retail: $47543

Dimensions H/W/L:
ED 551A - 4.92/5.27/9.26 in.
ED 461 - 4.175/4.175/10.58 in.
ED 462 - 4.175/4.175/10.58 in.
CP 468 - 1.870/5.740/4.515 in.

The Bendix/King EFS 40 and EFS 50 are full-function EFIS systems that are compatible with a wide range of avionics systems. They feature unequaled clarity and brightness and meet FAA HIRF and lighting requirements.

The EFS 40's size, weight, price and performance, make it the first true EFIS system to be practical in many aircraft where larger, heavier, more costly EFIS systems are not feasible. The EADI displays are ED 462s. The EHSI can be the Ed 462 or ED 461. When the ED 461 (with built in mode control) is used, a CP 467 Control Panel is not required.

The Bendix/King EFS 50 is a full-function 5-inch EFIS. The EADI, EHSI and MFD displays are all fully interchangeable ED 551A's.

A 2-tube system uses a single SG 465 Symbol Generator, the 3-and 4-tube systems use two SG 465s and the 5-tube system uses three SG 465s. In systems with MFD, a CP 469A Control Panel is added. When an MFD is used in place of a weather radar indicator, a CP 466A/B Radar Control Panel is added. To simplify installation, the SU 463 Switching Unit is available. It serves as a master relaying device, reducing the number of external relays, wires and connectors.

Typical EFS 40 w/ED 462s, CP 467 and Weather Interface: 25.20lbs/10.6kg   Power Required: 2-tube   Suggested Retail: $71790.00

Typical EFS 50 w/ED 551As, CP 467 (SU 463, CP 466A and CP 469A for 3- and 5-tube systems with MFD) and Weather Interface:

31.40lbs/13.20 kg   2-tube  Suggested Retail: $78147.00

54.30lbs/22.80kg   3-tube   Suggested Retail: $163806.00

85.70lbs/36.00kg   5-tube   Suggested Retail: $241953.00

CP 466A Radar Control Panel (RDR 2000/2100)   1.00lbs/.41kg  Suggested Retail: $7474.00