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The BFGoodrich Avionics Systems Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) model GH-3000/3100 replaces all three traditional standby instruments: attitude, altitude and airspeed in one single box solid state package. It’s like having a complete standby ESIS suite in a single 3-inch display.

Designed by the world leader in standby instrumentation. The FAA TSO Certified ESIS GH-3000/3100 also offers heading and navigation information and can be configured to visually match the look and format of your aircraft’s primary ESIS.

The ESIS GH 3100 comes standard with an internal air data sensor (optional for the GH3000).

In ILS mode, theESIS GH-3000/3100 can display glideslope, localizer, inbound course heading, ground speed, distance and time to station, and marker beacon indicators.

The fully functional ESIS GH-3000/3100 can be set to replicate the primary ESIS displays and can display a full range of navaid modes, including FMS.
ESIS GH-3000/3100 Key Features:
Attitude, altitude, airspeed, heading and navigation information
Self contained unit
Full-color active matrix LCD display
Full range of navigation interfaces
3ATI-size with dimmable florescent backlighting
Easily adapts to your aircraft’s flight deck
The full range of options available include:
Basic attitude - pitch and bank
Attitude plus air data
Vertical speed
Altitude in Meters
Indicated airspeed
Mach number
Baro-corrected altitude
Vmo and Mmo
VOR data and guidance
ILS data and guidance
DME data
DME Distance - NM
Ground Speed - KTS
Time-to-station - minutes
DME hold
FMS information
Distance to waypoint
Desired Track - DTK
Selected Course
Bearing to Waypoint
TO/FROM Indicator
Course Deviation
Vertical Deviation
Message - MSG
Parrallel Cross Track Mode XTK
Waypoint Alert - WP ALRT
Waypoint - WAY PT
Magnetic heading
GH-3000P/N 501-1740-xxxxx Electronic Standby Instrument System
MAG-3000P/N 501-1826-01 Magnetometer
MAG-300 Install KitP/N 501-1895-05 Magnetometer Install Kit
CAL-3000P/N 570-8552-01 Heading Cailbration Unit


For more information, view the ESIS GH-3000/3100 brochure and ESIS GH-3000/3100 Pilot's Guide (both are PDF documents - free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required for viewing).