AK350 Encoder

Power: 10 a 32Vdc

AK350-30 & 350-50
Ameri-King introduces the most advanced
Altitude Reporter on the market! The Ameri-King AK-350 is a TSO'd approved Altitude Reporter (Blind Encoder ). It provides digital altitude information to all mode C ATC transponders.

With recent breakthroughs in technology
The AK-350 is an extremely reliable piece of equipment. The AK-350 features advanced technology state of the art solid state pressure transducer for the greatest accuracy possible. It is the smallest, lightest advanced integrated circuit Digital Altitude Encoder code generator available on the market today.

The AK-350 may be mounted using holes on the unit base. It's installation location may be behind or beneath aircraft instrument panel or avionics equipment rack or cabin pressure bulkhead. It is designed to be installed in a pressurised or non-pressurised, temperature controlled area. The choice is clear.

When it comes to reliability, price, quality and product support, Ameri-King AK-350 is the best choice!

Specification, General:
 Dimensions: W3.50 x H2.00 x L4.75 inches
 Weight: 0.04lbs
 Operating Temperature: -20C to +55C
 Storage Temperature: -55C to +85C
 Power Input: (10 - 32)vDC
Environmental Tests:
 Temperature: Category C1
Low Operating: -20C
High Operating: +55C
High short Op Temp: +70C
 Altitude: 350-30 (-1000ft to 30,000ft) / 350-50 (-1,000ft to 50,000ft)
 Decompression: Mounted in a pressurised or non-pressurised cabin area
 Overpressure: -15,000ft
 Temperature: Category B
 Variation: Internal section of aircraft, 2C min. per minute
 Humidity: Category B
 Vibration: Categories SLM equipment mounted in cabin/cockpit area
 Shock: Half sine wave, 6 Gn
 Magnetic Effect: Category Z
 Power Input: Category B
 Voltage Spike: Category B
Accessories Supplied:
AS-350-1 Connector socket, 15 Pin, with Wiring Harness Assy
AS-350-2 Pneumatic hose
AS-350-3 Pneumatic Fitting, T type
AS-350-4 Pneumatic Fitting, Straight type
AS-350-5 Placarding