Ups Aviation ACU Anunciador

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  • Annunciator Control Unit comprised of status indicators and switches for use with IFR approved GPS units
  • Annunciates NAV or GPS as navigation source, MSG for messages and alerts, PTK for parallel track, OBS/HLD for OBS and flight plan functions, APPR for approach enabled, and ACTV for approach active
  • Approved for use with any Apollo/IIMorrow receiver certified for GPS non-precision approach operations
  • 14 and 28 volt versions
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations
  • High-life lamps
  • Dual lamps for each annunciator
  • Automatic photocell dimming of instrument lamps
  • Built-in lamp self-test to check operation of all lamps
  • Nitrogen-filled relays with gold-plated contacts
  • Internally lighted switches for NAV/GPS and OBS/HOLD
  • Front mounting
Input Voltage: 10 VDC to 15.1 VDC, 14V system
20 VDC to 30.3 VDC, 28V system
Input Current: 800mA min, 14V system
400mA min, 28V system
Dimensions: 1.30"H x 2.95"W x 3.6"D Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Environmental: RTCA/DO-160D Altitude: 50000 ft. max