Bendix/King KLN-90B

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Dimensiones: 15.87 x 5.08 x 28.91 cm
Peso: 0.94 kg

The KLN 90B has the unique 3-inch split screen CRT display. The built-in moving map graphics shows nearby airports and navaids. (North American database can be updated by user via cartridge replacement or  personal computer. International data base can be updated by user via personal computer.)  Physical Specifications:  Size:    6.31"w x 2.0"h x 13.15" L  weight:      6.3lbs (2.86kg)  Power inputs:     11-33VDC at 2.5A max.  Temp range:     -40% C to +70% C  Altitude range:     up to 50,000 ft.
  • Panel-mount IFR GPS capable of performing non-precision GPS approaches
  • Easy-to-read CRT map display
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen database with SID and STAR waypoints and approaches
  • Pilot-friendly controls
  • Eight-channel parallel GPS receiver
  • Meets FAA C129 A1 specifications
  • Built-in resolver interface allows system to be linked directly to aircraft's HSI or CDI or coupled to an autopilot
  • Resistant to COMM radio interference
  • Straightforward control panel consisting of two sets of concentric knobs
  • Screen can be split enabling two pages of information to be open at once
  • Available into two database options - Americas and International - that can be easily updated by plug-in cartridge located on back of unit (IBM compatible computer updating also available)
  • Can store as many as 26 seperate flight plans with up to 30 waypoints each
  • Includes flight calculator that can handle useful computations such as true airspeed, pressure altitude, density altitude, actual winds aloft, and much more
  • Models available with 5,14, or 28 volt lighting (see tabel below)
  • Models available with gray or black bezel (see table below)
  • Updating available to bring original KLN-90 and KLN-90A units to KLN-90B status
  • Upgrading available to improve GPS performance for B-RNAV complinace for Europe
    Dimensions: 6.312"W x 2.00"H x 12.55"L Weight: 6.30 lbs.
    Temperature Range: -40 to +70C TSO: C129A1
    Altitude: Up to 50,000 ft. Power Inputs: 11 to 33 VDC at 2.5A max
    RS-232 Input: The RS-232 input is designed to communicate with devices such as air data and fuel flow sensors via RS-232 format RS-232 Output: The RS-232 output is designed to interface with certain ARNAV Elts and certain moving map displays, stormscopes, and Shadin fuel flow systems

    Part Number IFR GPS Receiver Description:
    066-04031-1121 14/28V Lamps, Black bezel
    066-04031-1122 same as -1121 but with B-RNAV upgrade
    066-04031-1221 5V Lamps, Black bezel
    066-04031-1321 14/28V Lamps, Gray bezel
    066-04031-1421 5V Lamps, Gray bezel
    066-04031-1622 With Night Vision Goggle Compatibility
    066-04031-2121 14/28V Lamps, Black bezel, upgraded to KLN-90B from KLN-90/A status
    066-04031-2221 5V Lamps, Black bezel, upgraded to KLN-90B from KLN-90/A status
    066-04031-2321 14/28V Lamps, Gray bezel, upgraded to KLN-90B from KLN-90/A status
    066-04031-2421 5V Lamps, Gray bezel, upgraded to KLN-90B from KLN-90/A status