Skyforce LOCATOR


The Locator offers a cost effective enhancement to any GPS. The unit contains a full European database and is compatible with any GPS. The Locator receives raw latitude and longitude data from an existing GPS, and with reference to its extensive internal database displays your exact position in plain English, as a distance and bearing from the nearest airfield, VOR, or town which is invaluable when ATC ask you to report your position
Both products in the Locator family provide a continuous upgrade on your precise location, which coupled with their simplicity and ease of use makes them a package that a GPS owner cannot afford to be without.
 Data Input Required: NMEA0183 (4800 baud) or ARNAV R-30 (RS232 or RS422 9600 baud)
 Display Type: 1 line 16 character Supertwist LCD with backlight
 Display Update Rate: Every 2 seconds
 Power Supply: 2 x PP3 (9V) battery or external 10V - 30V DC supply
 Battery Life: 25 hours (alkaline without backlight)
 Temperature Range: 0C to 70C
 Database: European, inclusive of airfields, VORs and towns
 Database Upgrade: Available annually
 Size: 130 x 70 x 28 mm
 Weight: 250 g. including battery