Arnav MFD 5200 Multi-Function Display

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The ARNAV Multi-Function Display (MFD) 5000 series is a powerful cockpit tool designed to aid pilots in all phases of flight. The MFD 5000 series interfaces with supported GPS and LORAN navigation systems, as well as other systems on the aircraft to provide a centralized display for integration, computation, and centralized control. The system displays information in text, numeric, and graphics formats. Benefits of the MFD displays include enhanced spatial awareness, increased flight safety, and efficiency with a reduced pilot workload. The MFD 5200 is the color LCD member of the MFD 5000 family of Multi-Function Displays

Moving Map Display

The MFD 5000 series uses a combination window and paging system which provides a main screen and menus, sub-menus and pop-up windows. The moving map is the largest window and is the main page or screen. The main menu can be accessed from the map by pressing any button except the bottom-right menu selection button (This button is reserved for hot key access to the engine gauges window). From the main menu you may access all of the display's other menus or select specific functions.

Electronic Checklist

The MFD 5000 series displays all have eight user definable checklists. These checklists can each contain ten items. Each item may be one or two lines with each line up to 30 characters long. Checklists are created and edited within the mapping program.

Each checklist title is also user definable with the exception of checklist the EMERGENCY checklist.

WxLink Weather Data Link Option

WxLink is a one way datalink that up-links weather products to the aircraft for display on the Multi-Function Display in graphic or text formats. WxLink requires the addition of a radio receiver that is used to receive the digital weather data. WxLink service is being implemented on a national basis in the United States and ARNAV currently plans to provide full national coverage by the end of 1998. WxLink service may not be available in all areas at the present time. Check the coverage map on this web site or contact ARNAV to obtain the current WxLink coverage areas.

Terminal Weather Display

In-Cockpit NEXRAD Radar Display

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B.F. Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope Option

B.F. Goodrich currently manufactures a remote Stormscope, model WX-500 that will provides strike data, similar to that output onother Stormscope products, directly to the MFD 5000 series Multi-Function Displays. The MFD Series Multi-Function Displays provide a standard interface that willreceive and display the strike information over the moving map on the situational display.

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Engine Instrument Caution Advisory System (EICAS)

The EICAS display shows sensed engine data and lights annunciators in the event of out-of-range conditions. The EICAS image can also be redirected to an alternate MFD screen in the event the primary EICAS display becomes inoperative. The EICAS image can also be “windowed” onto the MFD, allowing the pilot to see both Engine/Airframe parameters and the moving map navigation on a single display. To add EICAS to an MFD 5000 series display requires the addition of an Engine Monitoring Module (EMM-35). Typical sensed items are listed below:

Reciprocating Engine


Manifold Pressure Turbine Shaft Speed
Prop RPM Fan/Prop Shaft RFP
Magneto Output Output Torque
EGT/CHT (All Cylinders) EGT
Fuel Flow/Pressure Fuel Flow
Fuel Quantity Fuel Quantity
Oil Temperature Oil Temperature
Oil Pressure Oil Pressure
Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Pressure
Load Meter Amps Load Meter Amps
DC Buss Volts DC Buss Volts
  • Multifunction display designed for in-panel or out-of-panel mounting
  • Large Geographic Waypoint Database
  • VFR and IFR Moving Map Situational Awareness Display
  • Graphic display of Direct-To, user defined arc, bearing, distance and ETE to destination
  • Picture graphics of airports, VORs, vector airways, intersections, man made obstructions, lat/lon grid lines, and other user defined waypoints
  • MORA (Minimum Off Route Altitude) and obstruction proximity display system
  • Audible alarm annunciator for obstruction and special use airspace warnings
  • Eight (8) scale levels ranging from a 1nm view to national or hemispherical view
  • Track, ground speed, and altitude displays based on GPS or LORAN C input
  • Complete flight planning capability with in-flight updates or integration of flight plans from any ARNAV 5000 or 7000 series LORAN or GPS (Long Range Navigation or Global Positioning System) navigator
  • User defined electronic checklists
  • Displays rivers, state lines, coastlines, lakes, islands and other major geographical features
  • Optional Flight Recorder for trip or mission track and altitude recording
  • Offers terrain awareness feature Terrain Obstruction Proximity System (TOPS) providing constant real-time altitude awareness that is based on aircraft position, ground speed, ground track, altitude and an extensive on-board terrain database
  • Look-Around and Look-Ahead features provide advanced warning of any possible terrain or obstruction hazard
  • Data entry knob makes waypoint entry, and movement of the screen cursor during on-screen selections, faster and easier
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  • Click Here to view weather depiction capabilities
  • Click Here to view stormscope depiction capabilities
    Dimensions: 4.75"H x 6.25"W x 2.0"D Weight: 2.26 lbs.
    Power: 25 watts Operating Temperature: -20 to 70C
    Display: Color AMLCD 5" Diagonal Certifications: Multiple STC/PMA