UPS Aviation Technologies MX20

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Dimensiones: 5.00" x 6.25" x 8.00"
Peso(con soporte completo): 3.1 lb.

The new Apollo MX20 multi-function display is part of a fully-integrated avionics solution providing unmatched performance and functionality. The 65,000 different color combinations deliver exact images with astounding clarity. There are multiple charting options with useful features and capabilities that provide an extra margin of safety. It's functions will serve your needs far into the future.


User Interface:

Position Source:

Expansion/Internal Architecture:

Terrain Database:



Approval Candidates:

  • Multi Function display with 6" diagonal active matrix LCD display readable in sunlight and with wide viewing angle
  • Display utilizes 640 x 480 pixels and over 65000 different color options for high definition images
  • Adjustable display back lighting
  • 6 main opearing functions
  • VFR Charting function reproduces sectional-like charts including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, user waypoints, special use airspace, ground terrain, and active flight plan
  • IFR Charting function displays enroute IFR map with navaids, airways, airspaces, and active flight plan
  • Terrain Awareness Charting function combines worldwide terrain database with GPS position input to display terrain conflict advisories in four colors
  • Lightning function provides full WX-500 compatibility and depicts lightning strikes relative to track of aircraft
  • Custom Overlay Charting function allows pilot to custom build display by adding some or all of above features into one customized page
  • Flight Plan function provides summary page for active flight plan including bearing, distance, time to all waypoints, as well as additional information for each waypoint
  • Supplied with user replaceable datacard and 3.4 gigabyte internal memory
  • Six high-speed serial I/O ports to communicate with other IIMorrow avionics or other external sensors
  • 8 general purpose inout flags and 2 general purpose output flags
  • TSO'd to TSO-C113 and TSO-C110a
  • Click Here to view the STC approvals for the MX-20
    Dimensions: 5.00"H x 6.26"W x 8.00"D Weight: 3.1 lbs.
    Input Voltage: 10-40 VDC, reverse polarity protected Input Power: 40 watts max
    Temperature: -20 to 55C Max Altitude: 35000 feet