Northstar CT 1000

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Northstar CT-1000

The Northstar CT-1000 is the ultimate pilot organizer with total portability to optimize pre-flight planning and in-flight organization. It allows the pilot at the office, hotel, FBO or home to efficiently utilize pre-flight planning software, access the internet for graphical weather down-loads, file DUATS, and more. That information can be stored in the CT-1000 and carried to the aircraft. The CT-1000 interfaces with your on-board GPS to run moving map or terrain avoidance software, access weather services*, and select your appropriate approachplates for the destination and alternate utilizing JeppView™ - Jeppesen's® electronic chart service. This eliminates the need to carry the 40-lb. chart case! The universal hardware platform even runs most Windows® 95/98 software programs. The CT-1000 contains an ultra-high-brightness color SVGA LCD screen that is visible in the highest ambient-light conditions. The CT-1000 contains a 233-MHz Pentium MMX processor, 2.1 GB hard drive, built-in 10x-speed CD-ROM, dual PCMCIA slots, and RS-232 interface, all incorporated into a nearly indescructable, aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy housing. Also available are keyboard and printer options so you can optimize the CT-1000 to your specific needs. Size: 7.75" x 5.32" x 1.79". 12 or 28 VDC. 3.25 lbs.

HOT TIP!! The CT-1000 is perfect for the professional flight crew on the go. It's everything a pilot needs to quickly plan and help execute nearly all facets of a flight... Jim