Northstar VFR GPS 60

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  • Direct Slide-In replacement for M1 LORAN.
  • U.S. FliteCard with over 25,000 preprogrammed waypoints
  • Quick distance and bearing to any database waypoint
  • 250 user-entered waypoints
  • 20 user-entered routes
  • Waypoint queuing
  • Track angle and ground speed
  • Track Angle error
  • Winds aloft
  • Optional North American (includes Victor Airways) and International FliteCards available.
  • Service and Setup functions.
  • Special Use Airspace alert
  • Automatic route following
  • Electronic CDI
  • ETE and ETA
  • Numeric off-course distance
  • Time of day with time zones and date from GPS satellites
  • Latitude and Longitude
Sensitivity: -124 to 130 dBm Multi-channel: Continuous Tracking
Navigation Accuracy: 15 meters RMS (30 meters 2DRMS); 100 meters 2DRMS with S/A activated Nav. Update Rate: 1 per second
Time to First Fix: 1 minute Automatic Cold Start: Neither time nor position input required
Annunciator Output: Warn, Parallel Offset, Waypoint Alert, VFR Serial Ports: RS422/RS485
Power: 10 to 36 VDC @ 14 watts Operating Modes: 2D Nav, 3 satellites visible, 3D, 4 or more satellites
Standard U.S. Flitecard Includs: Public Airports, NDB's, VOR's, Class B and C, Intersections, SUA's Size: 6.25"W x 11.75"D x 2"H
Weight (with tray): 4.5 Lbs
Antenna Type: Low-profile patch with integral L1 preamp Antenna Length: 3.44"
Antenna Width: 2.2" Antenna Weight: 0.3 Lbs.
Antenna Mounting: Surface-mounts to top of aircraft; requires .5 inch cutout in aircraft skin Antenna Operating Temp: -40C to +75C