Skyforce SKYMAP II

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Skymap II is the ultimate personal navigator, providing GPS Moving Map precision navigation at any time, any place, anywhere. Tracker II is the GPS repeater equivalent of Skymap II, and does not contain an integral GP S but is physically identical and compatible with most existing receivers.

Skymap II utilises an integral 8 channel parallel GPS receiver, whilst Tracker II operates off an external GPS receiver.
Although obviously hand portable, the unique feature that Skymap II offers is its incredible mounting versatility, which allows for either knee, yoke, or panel mounting, or installation into a standard 6.25 inch radio stack. Further mounting flexibility is provided by rotating the image to any one of four possible screen positions, enabling installations to be optimised for left or right handed operation. Skymap II, which has been specifically designed for the aviation market, offers a world wide capability.The available database has been divided into 10 geographic regions and can be contained on a similar number of user interchangeable data cartridges.Each cartridge, which comprises a regional Jeppesen aeronautical and Skyforce geographic database, also contains the entire operating software, a feature that allows Skyforce to provide periodic system enhancements ensuring that the user has access to the latest navigation capabilities. In addition to its user defined waypoint storage and flight planning capability,Skymap II offers many features, including simplified joystick data entry and point interrogation, on screen CDI, auto zoom, extended track, emergency search, emergency airport minimum criteria, map customisation, map configuration(North up or track up), choice of map datum, and turning point arrival and marker annunciation. Dual parallel proccessing ensures that the zooming function, displayed cartography and overlaid navigation capability,is completely seamless. The reflective sipertwist LCD offers outstanding sunlight readability and yet will typically allow Skymap II to run for more than 10 hours on batteries alone. These features combined with its database and feature upgrade capability make Skymap II the very best GPS receiver in its class that money can buy.
GPS Receiver (Skymap II only)
 Receiver Architecture: 8 channel parallel
 Tracking Capability: 8 simultaneous satellites
 Time to first fix:    20 seconds(almanac, position, time & ephemeris known)
45 seconds (almanac, position, & time known)
15 minutes (nothing known)
 Typical Reaquire: 2.5 seconds
 Accuracy:  15 meters (without Selective Availability)
1 - 5 meters with differential correction input
User Defined Database
 Waypoints: Holds 500 user defined waypoints, and up to 25 user configureable airfields for those that are non ICAO listed
 Routes: Holds up to 99 reversible routes, with up to 99 turning points
 Geographical: Coastline, major towns, roads, lakes and rivers
 Jeppesen: VORs, NDBs, airfields, runway infomation and graphics,communicating frequencies, airway intersections, danger areas and upper/lower controlled airspace limits.
 Updates: Aeronautical updates available every 1/3/6 or 12 months.Feature and geographic upgrades are available periodically within updates.
Physical Configuration
 Screen: Reflective supertwist LCD (30,720 pixels) with backlight
 Width: 158.0 mm
 Height: 112.0 mm
 Depth: 40.0 mm
 Weight: 1 Kg (Skymap II) incl. batteries
0.9 Kg (Tracker II) incl. batteries
 Mounting: Knee/Yoke/Panel?Rack or Portable
 Antenna: Custom flip up/External low profile (Skymap II only)
Performance Characteristics
 Max. speed: 1000 knots
 Acceleration: 4g.
 Max Altitude: 60,000 feet
 Temperature: 0C to 70C
 Humidity: 95% non condensing
 Power input: 10 to 33 volts DC 3 watts max.
 Batteries: 6 AA cells. Dry/NiCad/Nickel Metal Hydride
 Dry battery life: Typical use, 10 hours
 Inputs: Capable of receiving differential GPS data (RTCM-104 format), and altitude, air and fuel flow data from other RS232 compatible devices.
 Outputs: Include RS232 (to interface with ARNAV ELT's, Storm Scopes and fuel flow systems),
NMEA 0183, and an annunciator output.
Tracker II is capable of receiving NMEA0183 (4800 baud) or ARNAV R-30 (RS232 or RS422 9600 baud).
 Optional: AC power adapter/battery charger, Cigar adapter, Mouse kit for rapid 'point and click' flight planning, PC interface kit for uploading PC generated flight plans, Leg strap, Yoke mount, Panel mount, Aviation Interface Module (AIM) for autopilot coupling
  • VFR GPS with LCD Moving Map
  • Portable or can be installed into aircraft panel
  • Mounting versatility allows for either knee, yoke, gimbal, swivel, panel, or rack mounting installation
  • Display can be rotated to four screen orientations enabling left or right handed operation
  • Three data modules available - Americas, Atlantic International, Pacific International
  • Data module contains regional Jeppesen data, Skyforce geographic data and operating software
  • Data module includes roads, railways, cities, towns, rivers, lakes, MSA and obstacle heights
  • Joystick data entry
  • Split screen navigation modes
  • Trip/fuel planning
  • Vertical navigation
  • Wind calculation
  • Note pad function
  • Auto zoom
  • Emergency search, emergency airfield minimum criteria
  • User defined airfields
  • Map customization and map layer control
  • Turning point arrival
  • Marker annunciation
  • Airspace Interrogation
  • On-screen help
  • Sunlight readable LCD Display
  • Multilingual capability
  • Standard equipment includes moving map, internal antenna, antenna extension cable, leg strap, power/data cable, carrying case, owners manual, and gettins started card
  • Optional equipment includes yoke mount, gimbal mount, swivel mount, panel mount, rack mount, NiCad batteries, cigarette adapter, low profile antenna, autopilot interface module, adapter/charger, Flight Manager PC Interface Kit
Screen: 5" diagonal high contrast reflective supertwist back lit LCD Dimensions: 6.2" x 4.5" 1.4"
Weight: 1.43 lbs. Temperature: -20 to +70C
Power Input: 10 to 33 VDC, 3 watts max Batteries: 6 AA dry/rechargeable
Battery Life: Dry cell typically up to 4 hours GPS Receiver: 8 channel parallel, simultaneous tracking
Acquisition: 12 seconds (almanac, position, time & ephemris known) Reacquire: 1.5 seconds
Accuracy: 15 meters; 1-5 meters with differential option Jeppesen: VORs, NDBs, airfields, runway info and graphics, comm frequencies, intersections and approach waypoints, restricted/danger areas, airspace including upper and lower limits, minimum safe altitudes
Languages: English, French & German or Spanish Waypoints: Holds 500 user defined waypoints, and up to 25 user configurable airfields for those that are non ICAO listed
Routes: Holds up to 99 reversible routes with up to 99 turning points Inputs: Capable of receiving RTCM-104 format (with differential option)
Outputs: RS232 (to interface with autopilot coupler, ARNAV ELTs and fuel flow systems, NMEA 0183, and an annunciator output