Ups Aviation SL 50

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Welcome to a cew era of GPS navigation. Once again, IIMorrow has set new standards with features and iase of use for general aviation enthusiasts. The new Apollo SL-50 packs a high performance, 8-channel parallel GPS receiver, and advanced navigation capability in a compact 1.3"high x 6.25 " wide slimline package. The SL-50 is IFR approved under stringent TSO C-129 requirements for both enroute and terminal operations. The 32-character alphanumeric display is easy to read from all cockpit lighting donditions. No other panel mounted GPS can match the features and benefits of the Apollo SL-50 in a slimline package. Fly the ultimate in panel mount avionics without sacrificing premium panel space.

GPS Navigation features:

Physical Specifications:

Performance Specifications:

  • GPS IFR approved under TSO C-129 requirements for both enroute and terminal operations
  • Simple "Direct-To" intensity
  • Built-In database updateable through serial port
  • Nearest waypoint search, includs airports, VOR's, NDB's, intersections and user waypoints
  • 32 character high-intensity alphanumeric LED display
  • Remote waypoint search
  • 10 reversible flight plans, 20 legs
  • 200 user-defined waypoints
  • Special Use Airspace alerts
  • Parallel track.
  • Minimum Enroute Safe Altitude
  • Navigation displays include Lat/Lon to 0.01 minute, bearing and distance to waypoint, ground speed and track angle, desired track and distance between waypoints, cross track error with numeric and graphic CDI, display of the "TO" waypoint ident, ETE and ETA to the "TO" and destination waypoints
  • Automatic waypoint sequencing
  • User definable distance, speed and altitude settings
  • Real time clock and countdown timer
  • Auto/manual magnetic variation settings
Input Voltage: 10 VDC to 40 VDC, reverse polarity protected Input Power: 4.7 watts typical
Internal Fuses: Nav Input: 3 amp fast blow, surface mount on board Height: 1.30 inches
Width: 6.25 inches Depth: 11.452 inches
Weight: 2.3 lb Operating Temperature: -20C to +55C
Maximum Altitude: 35,000 ft Number of Channels: 8
Frequency: 1575.42 MHz L1, C/A code Sensitivity (acquisition): -135dBm
Sensitivity (drop lock): -142dBm Dynamic Range: >20 dB
Lat/Lon position accuracy: 15 meters RMS typical
25 meters, SEP, without SA
100 meters 2DRMS with SA
Velocity: 1000 knots maximum
Acceleration: 4G maximum Time to First Fix: 25 seconds typical
Reacquisition: 2.5 seconds typical Position Update Interval: 1 second typical
Datum: WGS-84 CDI L/R Variation: +/- 150 mv full scale, will drive up to 200 ohm load