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Trimble has taken many of the outstanding features found in its proven GPS Navigator series for business aviation and packaged them into a very capable and competitively priced GPS navigation system for general aviation.

The Trimble 1000DC is an advanced six-channel parallel tracking receiver. It provides users with 15-meter RMS position accuracy anywhere in the world. Thoughtfully designed, it provides all the desired navigation features and functions in a light-weight, low-power-consumption package.

On initialization, the 1000 DC automatically determines your position. It instantaneously calculates and displays your navigation data, presenting it on a high-contrast super-twist LCD. It also incorporates Jeppesen's NavData card - a complete database of worldwide aviation information, including airports, VORs, NDBs, and intersections.

What's more, one push of the unit's "direct to" button displays your destination, bearing, distance, ETE, ETA, ground track and ground speed. The 1000DC displays your cross track error on an electronic CDI. And it allows you to create and automatically sequence through 20 flight plans of 20 waypoints each.

You can also easily edit flight plans and reverse desired flight routes. A search feature displays the 20 nearest airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections or user-defined way-points. The calculator function makes fuel computations easy, determines winds aloft and TAS, and calculates pressure and density altitude, among other measurements.

The Trimble 1000DC meets or exceeds all applicable industry and FAA technical, environmental, and operational requirements while providing aviators with an outstanding value.