Trimble TNL 2000A

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The TNL 2000A is a six channel GPS receiver that is capable of accomplishing all of your navigation needs. It is more than a GPS receiver; it's a complete navigation management system. It provides instant access to detailed flight information. It determines your position and instantaneously calculates a bearing to any point on the planet. It then desplays your destination, its bearing and distance, your groundspeed and groundtrack, and the estimated time enroute, all on a high-contrast LED display. It even includes an electronic course deviation indicator(CDI).

When interfacedto the optional air data computer, the Trimble 2000A displays true air speed, density altitude, and pressure altitude. It also calculates and displays winds aloft.

The Trimble 2000A automatically sequences through 20 flight plans with up to 20 waypoints, shows the nearest airport, plans certical descents, displays minimum safe altitudes, and provides a variety of other functions.

The Trimble 2000A also incorporates Jeppesen's Nav Data card--a complete database of worldwide aviation information, including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, airspace boundaries, MEAs, and much more.

Size: 6.25(W) x 10.8(D) x 2.0(H) inches

Acquisition Time: 1.5 3.5 minutes

Position update rate Once per second

GPS antenna: Omnidirectional flat microstrip with integral preamps; SMA connector. 3.75(W) x 4(D) x .75(H) in.

Display: LED: 2 lines of 20 charachters each. High-intnsity, orange, alphanumeric

Weight: Receiver:2.75 lbs. Antenna. .4 bls.

Power: 10-32 VDC, negative ground: .9 amps @ 14VDC: .5 amps @ 28VDC