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  • 4-piece High Frequency Communications System consiting of CTL-230 Control, TCR-230 Transceiver, PWR-230 Power Amplifier, and AAC-200/200P/220/220P Antenna Coupler
  • Covers the frequency range from 2 to 30 MHz in 100-Hz steps (280,000 channels)
  • USB/LSB/AM/TEL modes standard
  • 243 ITU channels preprogrammed into the CTL-230
  • 40 user-programmable channels standard
  • Automatic display dimming for CTL-230
  • Adapters available for dual HF installations or installations with whip, grounded-wire, or stinger-type antenna configurations
  • TCR-230 Transceiver available with Selective Calling (SELCAL) output (-011,-012,-013 units only)
TSO: C31c, C32c RTCA: DO-160A, DO-178
FCC: Type accepted, parts 83,87 Power Output: 100 watts pep, 25 watts avg. +-1.5 dB into a 50ohm load
Dimensions: see individual units Input Impedence: (Electrical) 50 ohms resistive within a 1.5:1 vswr
Weight: see individual units Input Drive Level: Not more than 65 mW pep required to drive PWR-230 to 100W pep +-1.5 dB
Tuning Operation: Output limited to 20W during tune cycle Tuning Time: 45 seconds max (with antenna coupler)
Warmup Time: 15 minutes (TCR-230) Frequency Settling Time: Within 50 ms after synthesizer channeling
Sidetone: Available at the audio output when in transmit mode Audio Output: Not less than 50-mW input into a 600-ohm load with a 10-uV signal tuned to produce a 1000-Hz tone
SELCAL Output Level: 0.5 Vrms into 500ohm load with 10-uV, 30% modulated signal Frequency Stability: +-20 Hz due to environmental changes over the range of -55 to 70C
RF Output: 250-mW input into a 50-ohm load Input Impedence: (Input circuits) 680 ohm nominal carbon or 15V dynamic microphone

Part Number HF System Description:
SEE CTL-230, TCR-230, PWR-230, AAC-200