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HF-9000: High-Tech High Frequency

Utilizing computer-controlled frequency agility, the HF-9000 takes best advantage of the backscatter effect that is the basis for HF communications.

When controlled by the Collins RTU-4200 Radio Tuning Unit, the HF-9000 may be used for both voice and data communications augmented by computer-controlled frequency agility ensuring signal integrity.

Light weight, versatility and the ability to use a wide variety of antennas makes the Collins HF-9000 ideally suited for virtually any airborne application. Available either as a stand-alone unit or integrated into any Pro Line avionics system, the HF-9000 provides reliable communications and data link capabilities on up to 280,000 channels.

Agile Communications.

The HF-9000 provides high frequency capabilities from 2.0000 to 29.9999 MHz in both upper and lower sidebands (US, LSB), voice and data, amplitude modulation equivalent (AME) and continuous wave (CW) modes. The HF-9000 provides 99 programmable, nonvolatile preset channels, 249 International Telecommunications Union presets and 6 preprogrammed emergency channels. Available antenna couplers efficiently transfer the 175-watt output to all common antenna types, and the HF-9000 is also compatible with high frequency data link modems. Operation within an HFDL network will provide the HF-9000 operator with the average high power option, the data ability for long-range flight following, maintenance delivery and crew relief from redundant HF voice activities. The HF-9000 HFDL mode maximizes link performance regardless of atmospheric conditions or time of day, providing reliable data transmissions. Highlights of the HF-9000 include:


There are many ways to measure the value of a Collins Avionics system: capabilities, quality of design and workmanship, functionality, customer support and the ability to upgrade systems to meet future needs and requirements. For the vast majority of our customers, the bottom line is the reliability of their Collins Avionics products - the confidence of knowing that their aircraft will be able to perform whenever and wherever it is needed.