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  • Electronic HSI System that electronically displays information found on conventional electromechanical HSI units
  • Can display additional information such as navaid/waypoint locations, bearing/distance map-like display, expanded compass scale, mode annunciation, ground speed, time-to-go, and diagnostic messages
  • Can be used as stand-alone system but also provides lateral and vertical deviation outputs to a flight control system such as Collins APS-65 Autopilot System
  • Uses input data from VOR/localizer/glideslope receivers, compass system, DME, flight control system, RNAV, vertical nav system, two ADF systems (one only w/ -001 HPU-74), LORAN (N/A w/ -001 HPU-74), TACAN (N/A w/ -001 HPU-74)
  • Large, easy-to-interpret, 4"x4" EHSI display
  • Mode and NAV source annunciation
  • Data labeling using color coordination and positioning
  • On-off control of bearing pointers
  • Detented selected heading and course knobs allow 1-degree increments for small, precise changes
  • Heading synchronize function allows automatic slew of heading bug to lubber line
  • Direct-to-course function allows automatic slew of active or preset course arrow direct to station or waypoint bearing
  • Remote selected course and selected heading controls
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Fast system warmup time
TSO: TSO C6c, C36c, C40b, C52a, C66b, C104 Size and Weight: see EFD-74, HPU-74, HCP-74

Part Number Electronic HSI Description:
see EFD-74, HPU-74, HCP-74