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  • Remote mounted Directional gyro for use in KCS-55A compass system
  • Used in conjunction with KMT-112 Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter to provide a gyro-stabilized magnetic heading to KI-525A HSI
  • Contains internal power supply which provides excitation voltages for KMT-112 and positive and negative DC voltages for KI-525A and KA-51B
  • NOTE: Exchange price may vary if gyro can (P/N 060-0016-00) on KG-102A assembly core unit does not have Mod 1
Size: 5.370" x 7.790" x 4.290" Weight: 4.3 lbs.
Mounting: Shock mounted Temperature: -55C to +55C
Power Inputs: 14VDC, 3.0 amperes or 28VDC, 1.5 amperes Signal Inputs: Slaving error control transformer from KI-525A
Power Outputs: +-15 and +5VDC reference voltages for KI-525A and KA-51B; 7.2VRMS, 400Hz drive signal for primary excitation of KMT-112 and for use in KA-51B Signal Outputs: Drive signal for heading loop drive motor in KI-525A; slaving meter drive signal for KA-51B; pin a supplies a ground when compass system is valid

Part Number Directional Gyro Description:
060-0015-00 see details above