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  • Radio Magnetic Indicator provides bearing information to either ADF or VOR stations by means of two pointers each of which is read against compass card
  • Models available with 14/28 or 5 volt lighting (see table below)
  • Compatible with Nav Receivers such as KN-53, KNR-615, KNR-630/631/632/633, KNR-634, KNR-665, and KNR-665A
  • Compatible with Nav systems including RNAV such as KNS-80 and KNS-81
  • Compatible with ADF receivers such as KR-87 and KDF-806
  • Compatible with Compass systems such as KCS-305 and KCS-55/55A
  • Requires input ARINC Compass System
  • TSO'd
TSO Compliance: Env. Cat. RTCA DO-160A A1C1/A/SKP/XXXXXXA/B/AAA Weight: 2.8 lbs.
Temperature: -20 to +55C Altitude: 35,000 feet
TSO (Compass): TSO C6c TSO (ADF): TSO C41c Class A
TSO (VOR): TSO C40a Heading Input: Operates from any slaved magnetic compass with ARINC X,Y,Z outputs
VOR Video Input: 0.5VRMS 0 deg. phase composite 30Hz variable AM and 30Hz reference FM on a 9960Hz carrier (0.7VRMS maximum)

Part Number Radio Magnetic Indicator Description
066-3038-00 Radio Magnetic Indicator with 14/28 Volt Lighting
066-3038-01 Radio Magnetic Indicator with 5 Volt Lighting