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  • Provides bearing information to either ADF or VOR stations by means of 2 pointers, each of which is read against compass card
  • Each pointers seperates independently and can be switched to ADF or VOR receivers
  • Compatible with Navigation receivers such as King KNR-630/631/632/633, KNR-665, KNR-615, and Collins VIR-30
  • Compatible with ADF receivers such as King KNR-800/805/8000 and KR-85
  • Compatible with Compass systems such as King KCS-305 and Sperry C14
  • Models available with black or gray bezels and 5V or 28V lighting
  • TSO'd
Temperature: -15C to +55C Altitude: 15,000 feet
TSO Compliance: C6c Environmental Category: DO-138 CAT. DAPAAAXXXXXX
ADF Interface: Signal - 3 wire synchro Positioning Accuracy (bearing): +- 2.0 degrees
VOR Interface: Signal - 2 wire sine and 2 wire cosine sine wave Positioning Accuracy (VOR): +- 2 degress
Compass Interface: Signal - 3 wire synchro Phase (compass): ARINC standard

Part Number Radio Magnetic Indicator Description
066-3042-00 Black bezel, 5 volt lighting
066-3042-01 Black bezel, 28 volt lighting
066-3042-02 Gray bezel, 5 volt lighting
066-3042-03 Gray bezel, 28 volt lighting