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  • Dual pointer RMI
  • Accepts AC SIN/COS, DC SIN/COS, Serial, and VOR Composite inputs
  • Compatible with NAV Receivers such as KN-53, KNS-80, KNS-81, KX-155/165, KX-170B/175B, KNR-615, KNR-630, KNR-634, KNR-665, KNR-665A
  • Compatible with ADF receivers such as KR-85 (w/ KI-227 -01/04), KR-87, KDF-800/805/8000
  • Compatible with Compass Systems and NAV indicators such as KCS-305, KCS-55/55A, and KPI-550
  • Models available with 5 or 28 volt lighting (see table below)
  • Models available with black or gray bezel (see table below)
  • TACAN compatible and night vision goggle versions available (see table below)
  • TSO'd
Weight: 3.00 lbs. Power Requirements: 28V .4a / 26VAC 6va
Operating Temperature: .20C to +55C Altitude: To 50,000 feet
TSO Compliance: Env. Cat. RTCA DO-160A A1D1/A/SKP/XXXXXSABAAA; TSO C6c (compass); TSO C41c Class A (ADF); TSO C40a (VOR) Compass Heading Input: Operates from any slaved magnetic compass with ARINC X,Y,Z outputs.

Part Number Navigation Indicator Description
066-3060-00 Black Bezel, 27.5VDC/26VAC Lights
066-3060-01 Black Bezel, 5VDC/5VAC Lights
066-3060-02 Gray Bezel, 27.5VDC/26VAC Lights
066-3060-03 Gray Bezel, 5VDC/5VAC Lights
066-3060-04 Black Bezel, 5VDC/5VAC Lights, TACAN Compatible
066-3060-05 Gray Bezel, 5VDC/5VAC Lights, Night Vision Goggle capability