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  • Pictorial Navigation System that provides navigation display for cross-country flight and ILS approaches containing own source of gyrostabilized magnetic heading
  • Typically comprised of four units: 331A-3G Course Indicator, 323A-2G or 323A-3G Flux Detector, 328A-3G Slaving Amp, and 332E-4 Directional Gyro
  • Uses 323A-2G Compensator when Flux Detector is located in area not free of magnetic material
  • 331A-3G provides controls for course and heading selection
  • 331A-3G contains outputs for autopilot or flight director, VOR Receiver & additional
    compass loads
  • All 331A-3G models contain bootstrap synchro as additional source of slaved gyro heading information (except -000 model)
  • 331A-3G models available with or without internal lighting (see 331A-3G)
  • 331A-3G lighted models available with 5 or 28 Volt, white or blue-white lighting (see 331A-3G)
  • 331A-3G models available w/ EZ/ORZ choke for usage w/ 30 or 400Hz OBS resolvers
    (see 331A-3G)
  • 328A-3G model available that contains signal buffer to drive a compass slaving meter
    (see 328A-3G)
  • 332E-4 Electrically driven with continuous service and quick warmup
SEE 331A-3G, 332E-4, 328A-3G, 323A-2G

Part Number Pictorial Navigation System Description:
SEE 331A-3G, 332E-4, 328A-3G, 323A-2G FOR COMPLETE DETAILS