KI-203 Indicador

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  • Navigation Indicator containing VOR/LOC left-right needle, To-From Indicator, VOR/LOC Warning Flag, OBS, and integral VOR/LOC Converter
  • Rectilinear instead of pendulum type meter movements for more precise indicator readings
  • Internally lighted
  • Metal bezel with glass lens
  • Commonly used with KN-53 nav receivers, KX-155 nav/comm but can be used with older model KX-170/175 series radios
  • Models available equipped with a course datum synchro for autopilot use (see table below)
  • Similar to KI-204 indicator but DOES NOT include Glideslope Deviation Indication
  • TSO'd
Size: 3.25"W x 3.25"H x 9.85"L Weight: 1.6 lbs.
TSO (VOR): FAA TSO C40a Operation above 15,000 ft.; DO 114 (by FAA approval) TSO (LOC): FAA TSO C36c Class D; RTCA DO 131
Typical Accuracy (VOR): (VOR) Bearing error less than 1.7 degrees. Full scale deflection for 10 deg. course error. Typical Accuracy (LOC): (LOC) Centering error less than 3uA. Three fifths delfection for 4dB tone ratio
Converter Inputs: .5VRMS +-10% ARINC phasing (VOR Composite Input); 100k ohms (Input Impedence) Converter Output Drive Capability: Five 1K loads 150 uA full scale (VOR/LOC Deviation); Two 200 ohm, 200-0-200uA loads (TO/FROM); Five 1K ohm, 0-260uA loads (VOR/LOC Warning Flag)
Course Datum Synchro Output: 393mV/degree, 1 deg. Accuracy Typical Course Datum Synchro Input: Standard ARINC X,Y,X 11.8VRMS; .030AMP; 400Hz

Part Number VOR/LOC Indicator Description
066-3034-00 Black bezel, 14/28 volt white lighting, VOR/LOC Converter, VOR/LOC needle, NAV flag, TO/FROM flag, 30Hz OBS resolver
066-3034-01 Black bezel, 14/28 volt white lighting, VOR/LOC Converter & needle, NAV flag, TO/FROM flag, 30Hz OBS resolver, Course Datum Synchro
NOTE: Same base part number used for all KI-202/203/204/206/207 indicators