KI-208 Indicador

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  • Navigation Indicator that provides OMNI (VOR) or LOCALIZER (LOC) information along with built-in VOR/LOC Converter
  • Internally lighted
  • Plastic bezel with plastic lens
  • Can be used with KN-53 and KNR-630/631/632 nav receivers, KX-155 and KX-170/175 nav/comms
  • Similar to KI-209 indicator but DOES NOT include Glideslope Deviation Indication
  • Similar to KI-203 VOR/LOC indicator but has pendulum meter movements and is not TSO'd
  • Operates on any voltage between 11 to 33.6 volts without an external adapter
Size: 3.25"W x 3.25"H x 8.0"L Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Input Impedence: 50K ohms, Nominal Nominal Composite Input Level: LOC: 0.33VRMS +-10%; VOR: 0.50VRMS +-10% ARINC phased
OMNI Accuracy: +-2 deg. Max Error, +-1 deg. Typical OMNI Sensitivity: +-10 deg. off course gives full scale deflection
Localizer Sensitivity: 4dB tone ratio will give 3 dot scale deflection External Load: ARINC Autopilot Deviation (Two 1K loads)

Part Number VOR/LOC Indicator Description
066-3056-00 VOR/LOC Indicator with VOR/LOC Converter
NOTE: Same base part number used for KI-208 and KI-209 indicators