KN-72 Convertidor Vor

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  • Remote mounted VOR/LOC converter for use with KN-53 NAV and KX-155 NAV/COMM
  • Designed to operate with NAV receiver and VOR/LOC indicator to provide OMNI directional range or localizer information
  • Accepts three different VOR composite inputs - .5, .3, 3 VRMS
  • Will provide DC voltages to drive ARINC type indicators
  • Design features include improved VOR scalloping rejecting, versatile mounting, low power consumption, and externally adjustable VOR centering, localizer centering and course width
  • 14 V or 28 V operation
  • TSO'd
Size: 1.1"W x 4.0"H x 11.75"L Weight: 1.31 lbs.
TSO (VOR): FAA TSO C40a operation to 45,000 ft.; RTCA DO-114 TSO (LOC): FAA TSO C36c Class D; RTCA DO-131
VOR Accuracy: Bearing error of less than 1.0 deg. with precision track selector LOC Accuracy: Centering error of less than 3ua
Temperature Range: -55 to +71 C (operation) Mounting: Rigid, any position
Course Width (VOR): 150mv deflection for 10 deg. course error Course Width (LOC): 90mv +-5mv deflection for .093ddm 4dB tone ratio

Part Number VOR/LOC Converter Description
066-4009-00 14/28 volt, TSO'd